Best Principles of Good Website Design

It is well-known every business should have an online presence to sustain in the market. But is having a website enough? Or are there certain principles for designing a website? Even, in a brick and mortar store, you need to decorate the rooms with proper light to display your products. Similarly, there is also the need to design the website in a proper way to be appealing to the visitor. Else, he/she may shift to another website. In this article, let us speak of the best principles of web design.

 Simple is More

Is your business linked to E-Commerce? Then, there are chances, products or services must be displayed plenty to the visitors. So, there lies the need for a simple, but effective web design to showcase the products/services. If the site overflows with design, chances are the visitors may get confused in the navigation. It is always wise to check into websites of your own niche before starting your own.


Innovation is always appreciated, even with new designs becoming a trademark on the internet. But there has to be an understanding between one line and the other lines. The web designer needs to know the way to design the primary features. Please note, for a visitor to stay on the website, every aspect from logo, layout and even colors, fonts play a vital role in keeping the visitor engaged. So, do not go for innovative designs that can distract the visitor.

  Appealing & Combination with the Audience

Let us imagine, you are the owner of a popular store selling wallpapers online. So, the design has to cater to the niche. Your website design must be appealing to the audience, and it should also correspond with the content. Then, you can get more leads. If you have just a high number of visitors but fewer conversions, then there are chances you may have to change the design.


You cannot have a website design that can portray only red color which signifies violence of blood. Also, yes, website design in the form of a sword will catch millions of eyeballs, but does it serve your purpose? You need to have a website that should reflect the tunes of your industry. If you are dealing with a child’s clothes, then the color of your website should be light blue to reflect love and warmth.

Do you have a business in Bangalore running to the tune of millions of dollars and want to have a proper digital presence? Then, you need to select a company which has employed the best web developers in Bangalore and the globe. They can work with your team to build the best website design which can be the best representation of your digital presence on the internet. A professional web developer will design websites with functionality and usability.

The design should correspond to the call-to-action words for lead conversions. Any jargon or a third-party word can scare the visitor off from becoming a prospective lead.

There are millions of websites in the internet, and it is hard to say that only a few million make the mark. For some industries, the needs just nullify the bad qualities of web design. There are also some companies who just need an online website. So, their digital presence will be simple, with a maximum of five web pages. However, please understand that if your website design is really a bad one, then chances are a reduction in traffic. In recent times, visitors are often found to block websites which gave them a bad experience in the form of design or any other aspect.


The one feature which assumes importance from the visitor’s point of view and the web designer. You may have a nice website design, excellent content, properly placed products/services, but if the navigation bar is not properly placed, then there are high chances of bounce rate. Some points are reducing the drop-down menu, keeping minimal options on the navigation bar, and more.

 Responsive Design

The term is familiar, right? In short, it depicts that your website pages should fit well with every device of the visitor, ranging from computers, laptops, smartphones or tablets or any devices. So, a web designer in Bangalore or around the globe should focus not only on developing the pages only for larger screens but also for the small screens. But now, the trend has changed. The popularity of accelerated mobile pages is soaring, and it is only a matter of time that the search engines make this feature a prime feature to award the rankings (DA, PA).


If there is a task that the website developer finds it difficult to handle, it is maintaining the same color font equal on all pages. The best example will be to keep it simple. The best example will be Gmail. Just look at the features.

 Loading Speed

A visitor may award just three seconds to look at your website. Within this minimal time, the design and content must engage the visitor. Or else, he/she will go to another website. You need to compress the files, optimize images, discard the unwanted content/images, etc.

Avoid Asking Unnecessary Details

It is okay if you are asking the visitor to disclose information regarding his mobile and email, but it will be irritating if asked too many questions. So, do not design any questionnaire form asking about Date of Birth, location and more.

Proper Web Pages

There should be no broken links. If there is a 404 or 500 error page, then it needs to be corrected. Please try to have a website complete with all the features and proper working pages.

The graphic design should correspond with the purpose of your website.

The audience should like the content on the website.

White spaces should be properly placed on the website. Or else, the entire website will get cramped.


The above-mentioned points are some of the best principles of website design. We hope you have gained enough information after reading this article. If you have found the article worthy, kindly subscribe to our newsletter.

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