Guest Posting Guideline

Are you a tech blogger or a tech enthusiast? Do you love to contribute tips, stories and your insight about technology with our thousands of fans and readers? Do you work in tech and intended to share your insight? If you answer positive, welcome to We are open to negotiate with you.

These days we receive a lot mail for guest posting and we spend too much time to process guest post. As a result our team decided to increase the bar but not accept all article, only quality contents are accepted.

Guest Post those are geared towards for getting links is not acceptable because out motto is not selling back-link, our aim is to give our readers valuable articles which will make them come back again on my blogs. The sort of the content we prefer for guest posting are Tips, Case Studies, How to Guides, Checklists, Infographics, etc. Bambling, Porn and Dark Web Content are not acceptable.

Guest Post Guideline for

1. We accept more than 800 words article (Articles must be composed by headers, subheaders, numbers or ballite) and more than 300 words for Infographic.
2. Every article must have at least one featured and you may add more images to make article better but all image must be royalty free.
3. We only allow one dofollow link inside article body and you may add more one or two resource link inside article body to make article batter but resource link must be from blog sites and have more than 10k organic visitors and 60 plus Domain Authority. If our editor think resource links is not follow our guide line, will remove.

4. Best guest posting categories are:

Content Marketing
Dev $ Design
Make Money Online
Social Media

5. Article must be 100% unique (passed by copyscape), relevant.
6. Link must have consistency with article and keywords. We don’t make link with irrelevant keywords.
7. We don’t accept articles related Porn, Gambling, Illegal, against someone or something reputation and dark web content.
8. You may send title of article before write for getting approval.
9. We check out and take decision for publishing and it may be rejected. We are not open to negotiate about article quality.
10. If you are in confusion in what category your content falls under, please contact with us for clarification.

If you are ready as per our guest post guideline, don’t feel hesitate to inbox at [].

If you have any question about our guideline, guest post, contributor access or somethings else, please don’t forget to mail at [].