4 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads

Do you think that it is very hard to make qualified leads from your site? For generating revenue by using your site you can use some execution strategies, improvements, and some tips and tricks that are effective. Quality leads can be generated after optimizing the website to a good level. But before doing anything, it is necessary to install Google Analytics to track your site. If by using your site, a monetary transaction is completed by a visitor or a contact form is filled by him or a call-to-action button is clicked by him then leads can be generated. Now I will describe about 4 web design hacks that will get you more leads.

Design of the landing page :

The home page or the visitor landing pages must be carefully designed in the process of web designing. If a user wants to know about services and products offered by your company then he will first see the homepage of your website.

For the page right keywords must be selected:

You can use SEMrush or Google keyword planner for the pages in order to select the right keyword in a better way. Relevant keywords can be shown up with the help of this tool by putting the name of the product or service in the search box. In the description and title of your site, you can put some keywords whose search volume is high. Keywords with short phrases and direct keywords should not be included in the keyword strategy. It has been found that business can be effectively produced by using long-tail keywords.


When designing the header section, you must be creative. A call-to-action button should also be placed on it. If discount offers or free giveaways are highlighted in the banner section then it will be very good for your business. The chances of converting a user visiting your site into a customer will be ensured with this.

Use smart email marketing  :

For sending emails to consumers you can use a strategy of digital marketing that is highly effective and its name is email marketing. The person who has purchased earlier will purchase again and will become a loyal customer through marketing emails that are effective. The prospects can be converted into customers with the help of effective emails.

Why should we use email marketing? The reasons behind this are:

  • Currently, a communication strategy that is on the top is email marketing.
  • The email list will always be present with you.
  • As compared to any other channel of marketing 300 % better conversion can be achieved via email marketing.

ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, and MailChimp are some of the tools of email marketing that can benefit you.

Promotion through social media :

If promotion is not done by using social media then your business can’t survive. For the promotion of the landing page, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, or Facebook can be used.

If goals of social media marketing are going to be defined by you then you need to ask some questions:

  • By using social media marketing what you are trying to get?
  • Do you have any idea of the target audience for your trade?
  • In what way social media can be used by your target audience?
  • By using social media do you want your audience to get any important message from you and what type of message is this?

The SEO efforts can be supported by building links with the help of social media.

Use local listing :

A local business’s revenue, rankings, and reputation can be improved by making use of local business listings. Some sites that have the right NAP information are Yellow Pages, Yelp, Google Local. By using these sites, you can easily do local listings.

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