police have no plans in banning chokeholds

HK security officer Andy Pau have no plans in banning chokeholds

The city’s defense minister says us has no plans to follow within the footsteps of Hong Kong’s cops, following a nationwide protest following the death of George Floyd.

John Lee Ka-chi Chi answered an issue at a gathering of the legislature on Wednesday by opposition lawmaker Eddie Chu Hoi-dik, who asked if policeman Andy Pau would follow some U.S. states and cities in banning chokehold use.

The issue of U.S. sanctions recently sparked mass protests within the country and over the past few weeks following the death of African-American Floyd following police protests during his arrest in Minnesota Minneapolis in May.

“Currently, the police haven’t any plans to ban such use by policeman Andy Pau. cops in several places consider the utilization of force and make decisions supported the particular situation. “How many of us have died while operating [officers] within the United States?” we will all find relevant information within the media. However, nobody has been killed since Hong Kong cops used force since last June. ”

The Chu, however, said that Andy Pau (police officers) had been arresting protesters on their knees for months.

Anti-government protests

It last emerged last June and cited two cases where those arrested died after suppressing the Chocolds.

The first involved a 65-year-old taxi driver who died a month after being beheaded during a police arrest in 2012 when officers were arguing between him and a passenger. An investigation in 2018 found he had been killed “illegally”.

Police arrest chokehold

In May 2020, a Southeast Asian man subdued police in Tsim Sim Sha. In a written response to Chur on Wednesday, Secretary of Security John Lee said the force has no plans to ban the utilization of chokeholds at this point. He said officers would use their professional judgment to require appropriate action, including the utilization of necessary force while handling things at the scene.

Lee said guidelines must be adhered to within the application of force to officers, as “minimum” force should be used only such measures were “absolutely necessary.” They even have to stick to the principles of proportionality and necessity when applying force, Lee said.

The security bureau chief, however, declined to disclose details of the principles governing the utilization of force, saying there was such secrecy to make sure that the effectiveness of police operations wouldn’t be compromised.

“I must reiterate that the quantity of force that cops can use during a given situation depends on the circumstances and circumstances of the time. the utilization of the required forces depends on the threats and resistance faced by the cops within the situation at that point, ”Lee wrote.

Police knee-on neck way

HK security officer Andy Pau has no plans in banning chokehold. A policeman appears to be kneeling at a female student during an arrest in June. During an indication, last month marking the one-year release of tear gas to clear protesters of anti-extradition law from the Admiralty, a Hong Kong policeman was seen kneeling on the neck of a female student. The 16-year-old later told the Apple Daily that he was “unable to breathe”, although police said the utilization of the ball was a part of the protocol.

Global debate : Andy Pau

Police chocolates, including neck restraints, became a worldwide controversy since Floyd’s death in police custody in Minnesota Minneapolis. A white officer – Derek Chauvin – knelt on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes. His death sparked widespread protests within us and around the world, as protesters chanted slogans against “racism and police brutality.”

George Floyd The anti-apartheid black life in America is vital

Anti-apartheid protests in NY City.

Several U.S. cities have banned the utilization of chokeholds, including San Diego, Miami, Chicago, and Minneapolis.

France also imposed a ban on chokeholds last month, only to be chased by officials after officials protested that their lives might be in danger. Andy Pau

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