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5 apps every teacher must have

Smartphones and tablets are a nuisance in classroom. It is awful to have students not paying attention and getting distracted by texting and social media updates. It is a nightmare for any teacher. However, having technology around can be advantageous as well – if you are clever with it. You know there are many apps for teachers out there.

You can get students to pay more attention, get the information across quickly and above all get students attention by teaching them through the methods they know best.

The team at swiftcontractphones.com have selected some apps that can be very useful to you as a teacher. Some of these apps might only be for your students’ benefits while some may help you manage your own tasks better: such as lesson planning and other managerial chores.


Kahoot is an epic app. It is a wonderful concept.

Many teachers have lessons and activities planned in their heads and want to turn it into a game. But not every teacher is a game developer (in fact almost none are). So Kahoot is an app that lets you put in the information and you can create a game in it that is available both on web browser and the app.

Kahoot offers teachers a very creative way to teach and you must make use of it.



Seesaw is a student portfolio app. It allows you to keep the parents of your pupil in the loop about their children’s progress. Seesaw will not only help your students showcase their talents, but also reduce your work by allowing parents to stay up to date with the child’s progress. We can all agree that it will only benefit the student’s progress and as soon as there is an area to work on, the parents will notice and collaborate with you. It is a win-win situation.



Slack is one of the best project management software around. It is not only suitable for commercial purposes but also for amazing coordination with students. You will be connected to students 24/7. They can collaborate with each other round the clock. There is simply no downside. It can be used as a great app for teachers.

The advantage you will get by collaborating on Slack as compared to messaging platforms like WhatsApp is the professionalism and convenience. You will have everything in one place and can really use it to plan everything.


Google Classroom:

Google Classroom is the same app that was previously known as Google Apps for Education. The name says it all. It is a project management tool for classroom environment. You can use Google Drive to manage all the course work and share stuff with the pupils.

While you can also grade tests and assignments – everything in one place. Students have easy access to all the work that is being done. It is a great app for teachers.


Teach Learn Lead:

If you are a better teacher, your pupils will benefit. Why not enhance your teaching skills by meeting more like minded teachers who do not work at your school. Teach Learn Lead is a social media platform for teachers. Imagine the wealth your experience you all can share that will ultimately help your pupils.

More networking is never bad for anyone. It is highly important for your development as a human being. Download the app now and get cracking.


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