Ethernet Connectivity Solutions

What Makes Mellanox The Leader Of Ethernet Connectivity Solutions?

The increasing use of internet in our day to day activities has maximized the need of high speed connectivity for data sharing between the data centers, especially among the business organizations dealing in an online business. This has gradually increased the need of Ethernet connectivity among the organizations not only establishing strong connectivity within its systems, but also across all the centers associated with it. To facilitate the users with instant connectivity, it is imperative that along with high speed internet service, they are also equipped with the tools that are capable of bearing the load of data transmission at high speed. Going through this requirement of the organizations, Mellanox, is offering wide range of switches, cables, and adapter cards that ensure instant delivery of data with latency.

Interestingly, Trustco Plc is recognized as an authentic Mellanox Ethernet Technical Partner, that is involved in the business of providing solutions of I/O, advanced management software and switching, thus, offering high performance computing and general data centre connectivity. The major benefits enjoyed by installing the components offered by the Mellanox are referred below:

  1. End to end interconnect solutions at the speed of 10/25/40/50/56 and 100 GbE according to the requirement of the organization.
  2. Remarkable performance with minimum cost per Gb/s
  3. Smooth performance of the network without blocking the architecture
  4. Green credentials resulting in the low consumption of available power.

Why do organizations need the use of Ethernet connectivity within their parameters? Well, this is mainly because of superior performance delivered by the Ethernet at low cost than compared to conventional leased lines or frame relay technologies or asynchronous transfer mode. The use of Ethernet makes it easier for the organizations to develop a network that is easy to manage and offers substantial flexibility to the organization for integrating new applications in a cost effective way. Going through all these benefits every organization dealing with the huge data set is getting the Ethernet management system installed for their computer network.

Moving ahead the cost of bandwidth required for data transmission through Ethernet is literally less than bandwidth required for frame relay technology and asynchronous transfer mode. While using the Ethernet connectivity management the users only pay for the bandwidth required by them. That means depending upon your requirement and increasing burden of data transfer you can increase the bandwidth and pay accordingly.n

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