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What is the Cost to Maintain a Mobile App?

You have completed the mobile app development process, released your app on the App Store or Google Play Store, marketed it in the best possible manner and now you are waiting for your app to become viral in the market. If you are thinking like this, then you will not get success for a long time.

By following these things, you have just completed a part of mobile app development. After this, you have to update the app continually, and it requires some investment other than your mobile app development cost.

Then you might have a question, why do I need to update my app?

Because your mobile app is the main service by which your users will be hooked to your business for upcoming years and also trust your brand.

On the other hand, technology is constantly changing and security is the most crucial thing faced by the majority of apps worldwide. Therefore, you have to update your app with the latest security patches.

Lastly, all the updates that you carry out on an app that is already released are considered in the app maintenance.

Before knowing about the actual cost to maintain a mobile app, you should be familiar with the things included in the app maintenance.

What are the things included in the app maintenance?

1.   Error/Bux Fixing:

Does my app contain bugs after the release?

Absolutely, not. You have not released an app with bugs. However, there are strong chances that your app is not working on some of the devices.

Who likes an app with bugs? No one.

After app release, you might be getting a constant feedback about the bugs in your app. In case you oversee these bugs, they might result in app crashing and failure of your app. They will in-turn increase your expenses of app development cost if not solved.

Because these bugs are technical, you don’t have to work on them. Instead, a technical person will solve the bugs within a few hours or days based on its complexity.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain your app.

2.   Upgrade to latest hardware/software:

You might have released your app on Android or iOS or both.

Technology is changing at a never-ending rate. Every year, a new Android and iOS version is released. Along with this, various devices are also released which operate on the latest OS.

If you fail to maintain your app and if it’s not working properly on the new devices and operating system, your loyal customers will leave your app.

Hence, you have to continually check whether your app is running correctly on the latest Operating System or not. Here, you have to test crashes and performance of your app. Anytime a user updates an app, it must be running smoothly on all the devices.

3.   Update user-interface regularly:

Updating your app considering the latest trends, styles, and behavior of users is crucial for the app to become successful in the long run.

This means an app’s user-interface should be updated regularly.

By doing this, you will not only be able to retain the current users but also will be able to attract new users to your app.

4.   Publish new content regularly:

If you want your app to sustain in this highly competitive market, you have to update the following things:

  • Images & Videos
  • Banners
  • Content
  • Blog
  • News and so on & so forth.

This will differ as per the targeted audience engagement in your app. However, you have to often carry out precise changes in your mobile app.

If there are small text changes, then you can do it from the admin panel. But, if there are any technical changes, you can contact your app maintenance team.

5.   Enhanced Push notifications

Sending push notifications is important and you can easily do it from the admin panel. However, if you intend to add more functionalities to push notifications, you have to approach your app maintenance team.

Why should you integrate enhanced push notifications?

For various businesses, push notifications are really complicated. Therefore, one needs to structure them as per the event.

For instance, in eCommerce, you have to send a wide number of push notifications such as new year offers, weekly offers, new arrivals, recommended products, etc.

These kinds of push notifications should be tailored depending on the needs of a business to keep users hooked to the app and also improve the business.

You have to provide all requirements to the development team and they will update it once and for all.

6.   Track performance of your app:

There are some reasons due to which you have developed a mobile app. So, it is essential to check whether your mobile app is adding value in the life of users or not.

For this, you should regularly check the loading times, delay, and responsive issues in your app.

For tracking the overall performance of the mobile app, you must also look after the analytics of the app.

To know the engagement, conversation, and retention in your mobile app, you should check the following things in analytics:

  • Daily active users
  • Monthly active users
  • First time users
  • Time spent by user in app daily
  • Total percentage of daily users that have purchased
  • Average revenue of app daily for each paying user

There are chances that some of the app development tools are not possible to track what you want. Here, you will have to take help from an app development team.

An app development team will analyze your business and then provide customized tracking as per your requirement.

7.   Check licenses of an app:

Majority of apps are developed utilizing a license. Please regularly check when any of the licenses or certifications required to be renewed.

This thing can be easily calculated during the app maintenance phase. If you have carried out thorough research during the app development phase, then you may not have to spend more money on renewal.

8.   Data Backup:

The most essential and inevitable task is to take the backup of the app regularly.

A majority of business has gone through a lot of loss because of a security breach or an attack. This is not going to stop instantly.

Therefore request your app development team to take data backup manually or schedule automatically. However, it is crucial to take backup regularly.

In any case, if any ransomware attack happens, developers can restore the recent version of your app.

To carry out this task, the app development company will not charge money. But, you have to invest a little amount in a cloud storage service provider.

What is the cost to maintain a mobile app?

After knowing all the things that are included in the app maintenance cost, you should properly understand the relevant amount charged by your app development team.

Generally, the cost of app maintenance is 15-20% of the total mobile app development cost.

For instance, if your app development cost is 10,000 dollars, then app maintenance cost will be around 1500-2000 dollars.


Lastly, by keeping in mind all the above things, you will be able to calculate the cost of app maintenance. Also, you can reach out to a professional app development company; they will provide you with a complete estimate of app maintenance cost.

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