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Things to know before getting into Reseller Hosting Business

Everyone should be aware of hosting right but does everybody know that what is reseller hosting and how does it work?To make visible on the internet your website needs web hosting. Web hosting offers you a server and name that ensures your website.  The reseller hosting model is not so complicated where most of the parent companies offer resellers with tools that are necessary for them to start an effective web hosting company. Hosting company also offers cheapcpanel reseller hosting that helps you to manage reseller hosting account easily.

Choosing the right hosting provider for your business can be a terrific experience for a person/individual who is not familiar with the reseller hosting word and meaning. Any individual who is not so familiar with the infrastructure and its subtleties,here are some guidelines that can assist you in choose the right hosting reseller services for your reseller business.


A reseller hosting business is the right choice where it attracts the perspective to the clients. Reseller hosting is a great option that describes  one company renting out the hard drive space,bandwidth and other resources to another company which can be a mid or smaller size business.  They can rent or provide the spaces/resources to the third parties which are small firms or medium firms.

Reseller hosting is the ability to provide hosting to the clients or customers as they themselves act as they are the owner of the web hosting company.Web hosting makes sure that they have full control over the resources they are offering to the customers/clients.  They should have access to the customer’s information that includes the billing method, contact details and must be able to create the account details of customer.

This is one way for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own web hosting business.

Check the Server Capabilities:-

  • Servers are the most significant part for setting up the online business
  • Make sure your hosting companies offer these following services.

Check out the Server capabilities:-

  1. Strong power and backup
  2. Well Organized cooling
  3. Requirements of specific hardware brands.
  4. Excellent technical support.


Pricing is the major factor when it comes to selecting a service plan. The server being used, security support and infrastructure, business needs and any additional services contribute to the pricing.Most of the reseller hosting is available at a low cost. This is one type of incentive where individuals purchase these plans as they can increase the no. of parent web hosting customers directly.

Reseller business if targeted to the right audience can lead you to the right prospective clients. MilesWeb also  offers cheap windows reseller hosting plans for  Windows users.

It gives numerous ways to expand the business and aids in maximizing the revenue potential.

income source


Income generation:

Unlike the basic web hosting plan, the reseller hosting has the revenue generation .The reseller host generates income from services such as managing data and servers for businesses that have a shortage of its resources.You can get the commission or somewhat profits accordingly by acting as an owner. Many people don’t know whether their host is a reseller or the original host as he handles its customers’ needs efficiently.

Reseller hosting company’s prices are higher than the parent company what offers.

 Which Platform to support:-

The 2 most common packages of web hosting offered by companies are Windows and Linux Hosting.It is easier to create a website in Linux, as it is less expensive as compared to the windows. It is an open source product and safe. One of the most popular operating systems for web developers and users is Linux. With changing and adapting technologies with the market place, business should be the focus on. Proper sufficient infrastructure creates an effective workflow.  Web hosting services offer you a server and name that ensures your website has its own address.

Reseller hosting is the best option as compared to other hosting options.

Reseller Hosting service offer reseller hosting plans for small and medium size business.

What are the things you need to check out?

  1. Are they Cost effective than other services?
  1. 24/7 customer support
  1. High up-time
  1. 100% satisfaction to client
  1. Latest hardware and script
  1. Instant account activation and lots of additional

MilesWeb Unlimited Reseller hosting offers these features:-

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Host unlimited Websites
  • 100% SSD Storage
  • cPanel control Panel
  • 1click installer
  • Free website migration


If you are thinking to start reseller hosting as your business then you should consider these things before getting into itas those play a major role in getting to the business roots and functions. There are big players in the market for hosting like Big rock, Bluehost, and GoDaddy since they run commercial advertisements where they are known to the world but do they guide or provide you with proper support .So, check before investing in these big players.MilesWeb is great in providing excellent support with affordable and cheap hosting prices which meets the customer demands. MilesWeb offers excellent value to your money with Unlimited Reseller Hosting service in India, US and UK. The plans offer benefits like Free Domain Reseller Account,White Label Reselling, Free-Migration and Custom migration.MilesWeb provides one of the best reseller hosting. Don’t go for free hosting as it doesn’t exist in reality for your need.

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