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TemplatesGuider- The best place to find Best templates

TemplatesGuider is a website where you can find great templates for your blog or any kind of website.

At TemplatesGuider, there are a number of reviews available for different kinds of website or blog Templates.

The mission of

There are a lot of people who want to start their own blog, website or their business website, freelancers looking great-designed websites for their clients’ et cetera.

They find it difficult to select the right template for them because there are a lot of templates available out there so that, it really becomes very hard for one to select the right one for them.

In order to solve this problem and provide the right advice to the people, TemplatesGuider came into existence.

By using this website, you can find the right template for your work according to your requirements.

They not only provide you the great templates as per your requirements but, they will also give their honest review about each and every template they had suggested in their posts.

All the reviews about the templates on are written by the expert/pro bloggers who have actually used these templates for their work and achieved great results in their work.

All the templates suggested on their website are SEO friendly and Responsive.

Students and people struggling to find a job and start their blogging career with these Templates to give their career a kick start so that, they can actually earn some real money and support their family and themselves.

Templates Guider gives best Templates guidelines for Commercial, Company, entertainment etc. All types of guidelines are available at Templates Guider.

Importance of Templates:

Templates play a very important role for a website’s/blog’s online success. Having a great website without a great Template is literally not possible.

No matter where you are sharing your website or what is the quality of the content on your website if your website’s template is not being found easy to navigate for your users or they are not finding your site’s template appealing, they will never return back to your site again.

A Template is like a portfolio of a website where a client can see your work and if the client is not able to find your content on your website, then it is nearly useless that you’re producing that contents. Because at the end of the day, it is your client who will decide that whether your site is of any use to them or not.

It is almost mandatory for any website owner (whether a personal website or personal blog owner or a business website owner) that a  great appealing and beautiful template must be present on their site.

Top three qualities of an Appealing website Template:

Any website template to be appealing to its users is to have these two most important qualities:

  1. Easily accessible navigation bar: If your site has a very accessible navigation bar so that users can easily find any category or content they want, they will surely love your site. Your navigation bar must have all the important content of your site for your site visitor’s easiness.
  2. Beautiful look: By beautiful looking template, we don’t mean that your template will have irrelevant widgets and Javascript files running in your template. This will annoy your visitor and will leave the site immediately despite the quality of the content found on your site.

By beautifully template, we actually mean that your template must be very simple looking so that the user will not find any problem in surfing your site.

  1. Loading speed: If your site’s loading speed is very high, the possibility is that user will leave the site in under 5 seconds of opening the link of your site.

The main reason for your site’s slow loading speed is the loading time of your site’s template. This could be possibly due to the presence of unnecessary javascript files.

So, loading time of a template is very important.

TemplatesGuider takes these three points in a very strong consideration and recommends all the templates to its users by following the aforementioned points.

Features of

Following are the features because of which we love TemplatesGuider:

  1. Easy to navigate: A user can easily find all the different types of templates for his need by just opening the homepage of the site.
  2. Result-oriented: All the templates suggested by the are very high-quality templates meaning that they will serve you the best in terms of results.
  3. Honest Reviews: All the reviews of any template are provided by pro bloggers who have actually used them.
  4. Loads of free templates: TemplatesGuider will suggest you a lot of free highly result oriented templates for your work and the link to download them directly and safely from the developer’s own site.
  5. Different sections for the different niche: At, you will find different sections for different kind of templates like Entertainment, fashion, news, technology et cetera so that you can easily find the right template for you.


Our conclusion from the above decision is that is the best and one stop solution for you if you are looking for the right theme for your site.


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