DualShock 4 Controller

DualShock 4 Controller

DualShock 4 is a PS4 controller, which gives you an amazing and thorough experience. Even though there had been many updates of DualShock 4 Controller since the time it was launched, it is still as appealing and attractive to the hand, as well to the eye. The thing that is most notable about this controller is its design, which gives you a comforting gameplay. The response time of DualShock 4 Controller is amazing, and is very easy and convenient to use. So, it won’t ever let you bash and smash the controller, as it is so smooth and easy to use.


As compared to the other PS4 controller, the share button is a bit distant from from the central controls. So, you might need to stretch your thumb a little to reach that. The same thing happens with the option buttons. So, this at last makes it a bit difficult to jump either upwards of downwards. But if we compare to the previous controller, it is definitely an update. It also has the analog sticks, which are more smooth, responsive and sleek. Its top has a bit of gap, which allow your fingers to rest on it. You can buy this device online using Amazon Offers with great discount.

The thing that distinguishes it from other PS4 controllers is the track pad. DualShock 4 Controller’s trackpad works as a button itself. The latest update did some modification, and redesign. And now it has an additional light bar overhead it, which supplements a spare dimension to your game, by glowing several colours for distinctive actions performed while playing the game. It also lets you know when it needs charging. But sometimes, it also gets some difficulty, while distinguishing the directions.

Movement and Sound:

It has got built in speakers, which provides a more engaging experience while playing. Even though the audio quality of the speaker is not the best, still it surely adds to the game play at last. If you want to listen to the slight, little, and all the essential additory sounds by yourself, you can do it through the 3.5 mm stereo audio jack, which is basically three to connect your earphones. It also comprises a gyroscope, and an accelerometer, which are extremely sensitive, allowing you to enjoy the game more effectively and efficiently.


It utilizes Bluetooth 2.1, for the wireless connection. Other than that, it can also be connected through many ways. It can be connected by a micro USB, which is mainly used for charging porpoises. It is also used for wireless connections as well. It can also be connected via an extension port, which is mainly used by charging stations. At last, it can also be connected by the 5mm jack, which is mainly used to connect the headsets or headphones. It also assists as a mic input. After some advancement, it can now enable wired exchange and communication. On the other hand, its third-party software has been modified and improved. And the best part is that, Steam now formally upholds it.


The pros, or the advantages of DualShock 4 Controller is that it has an amazing design, which looks great. The thing that distinguishes it from other controllers, is its built-in speakers, and extremely sensitive motion sensors. This gives you a better experience while playing games.


The cons, or the disadvantages of DualShock 4 Controller, is that at some point, its trackpad have some defects. It sometimes, might fell a little very light in weight as well. And the most important thing that is a bit disappointing, is that, the option buttons, and the share buttons, are very far away from each other.

Even after all this, some of the features of this controller are still unapproachable to the users of PC, mainly its wireless audio capacity. Due to this, some game associated effects and outcomes are also not available on versions of PC. Additionally if you are looking for Amazon Recruitment then it could be best chance to try it.


Overall, you will definitely enjoy your experience with DualShock 4 Controller. It has got a very modern look, with a mixture of gloss and matte, and thus, it looks very elegant. It might not be the excellent controller, but it gets close to that. With all its features, which are both useful and attractive, it gives you an amazing experience while playing games. If we have to compare it with other PS4 controllers, in terms of comfort, it is termed as an exceptional piece of technology. So, we at last can say that, its absolute qualities take precedence over the negative ones.

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