CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019

Why Should You Worry About CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019?

Will we take a few minutes of your valuable time before going to the details of cybersecurity? Then,  visualize the time when your family brought home the first computer or laptop. The joy in your family knew no bounds, right? But as time progressed, you also got to know about cybersecurity. Then you came to know the list of websites you should not browse and other security measures. And to add to the worry, you read various news of ransomware and other malware. In recent times, cybersecurity has become an industry worth billions of dollars. In this article on why should you worry about cybersecurity statistics in 2019, let us focus on the important details.

What is Cybersecurity?

You can write the answer by yourself. For namesake, kindly check the next sentence. Cybersecurity is best described as the method of protecting networks from online attacks. A cyber attack is generally aimed at destroying vital records/stealing confidential information changing of sensitive data in the records.

A hacker can hold total business enterprise ransom, courtesy – ransomware. Cybersecurity attacks, in general, tend to disrupt the daily business processes.

1. Are The Companies Well-equipped To Handle Any CyberAttack?

Let us go by the opinion of industry experts. The answer in percentage for the above question comes to eighty percent. The reason, cybersecurity experts are inventing new software applications to prevent attacks. But the hackers are also on the fast mode. They innovate new methods and techniques to carry out the digital attacks.

2. What Are The Normal Measures Taken By SMBs for Cybersecurity?

A normal cybersecurity process has protection walls spread across programs, networks, and computers. In a company, the team members must work in unison to prevent cyber attacks.

4. Which Areas are most affected by Cyber Attacks?

An interesting question. Many assume that only individuals and financial institutions become targets. Wrong. Hospitals, military websites, and even Governmental organizations are prone to cyber attacks.

5. Funding For Cyber security:

Gone are the days, when you had a computer and did not have antivirus software and spyware. Nowadays, it has become mandatory to spend on cybersecurity. Even the US Government has increased its funding by a few percentages this year (2019). Security breaches have increased in number. What is the reason? Hackers make use of AI bots to check the vulnerabilities in a server system. So, any Governmental organizations cannot take chances.

6. CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019 – Damage Due To CyberCrime:

Do you know the number of dollars lost due to cybercrime? Do not raise your eyebrows. The total amount of damage comes to six trillion dollars. In a few years, cybersecurity experts will get more salary than any other job in the entire globe.

7. CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019 for Governmental Organizations:

Even the respective Governmental Organizations of superpower countries are also prone to attacks. The US, so far, occupies the first place to withstand many cybercrime attacks.

8. CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019 – In case of Data Breaches:

Have you read an article about security breaches? This evil activity not only concerns phishing. In 2018, the number of security breaches turned out to be 146 billion.

Please also note, all security breaches do not get detected. An organization security team identifies a security breach and loss of data. But, they will not report to the authorities. The reason, the public may lose trust in their company.

9. CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019 – Ransomware:

Can a mere name spell threat and fear in the owners of multinational corporations? When it comes to cybersecurity? Ask them about ransomware and you will get the answer. In the US, the cybercrime attackers have not left even the hospitals. Have you got ransomware in your system? Then you need to pay some cash in the form of crypto-currency to get the encryption key.

10. Internet of Things and CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019:

When was the time computer got introduced in third world countries? It did not get instant fame. Computers became popular only with the passage of time. The same aspect applies to even the Internet of Things. And yes, it is a complex situation. In the Internet of Things, every home electronic appliance gets connected. Imagine a situation, if the password gets hacked. Then, a third person outside your home can play havoc with your home electronic goods. Many homeowners have not opted for the Internet of Things in third world countries. Now, you know the reason.

11. CyberSecurity Statistics in 2019 – Phishing:

There are many types of phishing.

  • Whaling
  • Spear phishing
  • SMS phishing
  • and voice phishing.

SMS/voice phishing account for the most number of security breaches in the globe.

A. UnAuthorized Permission:

The multinational corporations made the computer systems secure. But still, some hackers gain entry. How? Do you know that unauthorized access occurs due to web application problems in LAN?

B. Disaster Recovery:

What should you do if the software application crashes in your company? A disaster recovery plan is essential. But this is missing in the not-so-developed countries. Many companies do not have a proper cybersecurity professional in their workforce.

C. Cloud Technology:

Cybersecurity expenses have touched the roof in many industries. So, many organizations have now gone for cloud technology. Not all the companies encrypt the data before storing in the cloud.

How To Ensure You Get The Best Measures of Cybersecurity in 2019:

  • It does not matter if you are an individual or the owner of a company. But, you need to follow the best online security practices.
  • Cybersecurity procedures, applications should get a check every week or month. This is to ensure if it has enough defensive programs to thwart a cyber digital attack.
  • Do you have a company? Then it is time to ensure every member of the team is aware of cybersecurity methods. They should also know the right step to respond in case of a cyber attack or ransomware attack.

Let us take a case study. You own a company concerned with laptop repair in a small area of Hyderabad. You have a team of twenty members of your company. There are ten laptop repair professionals in the team. You are also in the customer service team of a start-up dabbling in laptop service for Mumbai city. You have made the team take a proper training program in cybersecurity.

The other day, a finance executive from your company got a mail in the Inbox claiming from a reputed bank. But when checked with patience, it is a phishing email. So the future disaster is averted.

  • For example, your office computers should not have space to induct the pen drives. Your employees should not browse any unwanted or new websites.
  • Every computer in your office needs to have proper antivirus antispyware software. This is to prevent any cyber attack.


We have come to the concluding part of cybersecurity statistics in 2019. There are chances your computer or laptop may have spyware installed in them. Do you have a similar doubt? Let us imagine, you are in Pune and have a desktop at home. The children use it for their project purposes. But a normal check, and you find the performance has taken a severe beating. You try all methods to remove the virus, but unsuccessful. In this situation, you need to take the services of a computer expert. And in a digital city such as Pune, there are household companies offering doorstep repair services. Download the app of the best company. Then search for professionals skilled in computer home repair service in Pune. He will come on the scheduled time and fix the problem.

So, these are the cybersecurity statistics in 2019. Do you know of any other news concerned with the topic? If yes, do not hesitate to put a review in the Comments section.

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