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6 ways to keep your Computer System secure from Cyber-attack in 2019

In today’s world , having and using a computer had almost become a culture for the PC had change the way we do most things – from storing and processing to handling or transfer of information or data.

To some computer is for entertainment, to some set it is for communication and to some it for Business, to this set of People keeping their computers free from Cyber-attack is a Top notch priority as it contains vital files and database of day to day activities.

Keeping a Computer free from Security threat is not only meant for technical Geeks and those in the Technology field, it is what should be practiced by everyone to keep the internet safe and free from Threats.

Don’t worry what I will be talking about here are not technical jargons or Terms, it is what an infant can easily decode and implement if given the chance.

  • What is Cyber-attack
  • Common Tools use to Prevent Cyber-Attack
  • 5 ways to Keep your Computer System Secure from Cyber-attack in 2019
  • What happen if you got attacked

What is Cyber-Attack:

Cyber-attack is form of attack that is carry out on the Internet with the Sole aim of destroying a Computer System of Causing damage (temporary/permanent). Cyber-attacks use malicious code to alter computer code, logic or data, resulting negative results to an organization or individual that was target.

Business Computers are better protected than home Computer: Home Computer owners don’t really care about what they use the computer for since they have nothing to lose compare to Business Computers that are used to Store Vital information.

Common Tools use to Prevent Cyber-attack:

Tools made our Job easier and faster.


  • Avira
  • AVG
  • Bit defender
  • Fort client
  • Ad aware
  • Qihoo 360 Total Security
  • Comodo Anti- Virus and Others

 Cloud Storage

  • Dropbox
  • Source safe
  • UNIX archive Program
  • X-drive
  • Strong space
  • Media max and others

6 Ways to Keep your Computer Protected from Cyber-Attack In 2019:

Cyber-attack has being gaining Momentum in the recent years and Nations around the world are investing funds into these sector. Keeping our data and files safe from Cyber-attack is a most for every internet user. And here I will list 6 Ways to protect your System from Cyber-Attack.

  1. Have a Security Policy: No computers can be protected if Kids and employees are not following the Security procedure. Having a Security Policy and following it. As a Parents and business owner it is necessary to educate your Kids/employee on how to surf the Internet safely and what to do when they notice sigh of cyber-attack.
  1. Have Physical Safeguard:Do you lock you lock your house when you leave? I guess you don’t. You must belong to the school of thought that says I have nothing worth stealing but let me be frank with you have, what? You have Data and information that can sell in the Dark web. You have records like BVN, Social Security Number, tax returns that are unique to you. This is also an example of Home security.

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Your room/office space should have Policy that restrict strangers from roaming around the computer desk, you can implement CCTV camera or Intruders alarm to secure your surroundings.

  1. Use Password: Make use of Password to secure your Router, entry to email, entry to software and every computer Controlled gadgets. It is necessary not to use a simple to guess Password, hackers can make use of Software that guess passwords until it matches the real one.
  1. Back Up everything of Value: This measures is for the unexpected. Many people and corporations are now making use of Cloud Back up, which can accessed from anywhere in the globe.
  1. Protect against Virus: Installing Up to date Antivirus is a Number one recommendation to preventing Cyber-attack. Have your Antivirus Program automatically and regularly check for and updated.
  1. Destroy old Copies of Sensitive files: don’t just drop paper containing your BVN in trash can, you should burn/Dissolve it in water instead. Hackers can go extra mines by going through Trash can to get details of people in your organization or Homes.

And delete permanently from Recycle bin

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What happen if you got attacked:

We have individual that fails to implement simple instructions and in the got attacked by Cyber-attack. Aftermath of a Cyber-attack is always negative either it leads to total destruction or loss of Valuable data.

The following will happen when Your Company / Computer got hacked.

  • Your files/data will got stolen
  • Extra expenses because you have to hire Cyber-security expert
  • People will start doubting your Company integrity in keeping their details safe
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Cybersecurity is one of the important sector that companies and individual must look into. With increase in use and connection of Internet. Knowledge of Cybersecurity is a must.

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