Facebook Live to Boost Your Business

4 Ways to Use Facebook Live to Boost Your Business

The ultimate marketing objective of any business is to attract the right customers and create value for them.

 Facebook is one of the most potent digital marketing tools. It has helped millions of businesses spread the word about their offerings. The company has reinvented its marketing platform and launched several innovative features that have helped businesses in one way or the other.

Facebook Live Streaming is one recent addition to the social media platform that can help your business in multiple ways.

Let us see how Facebook Live video can boost your business:

Higher Engagement:

According to statistics, Facebook Live Videos delivers 135% higher engagement than images, text, URL or even native video posts. Moreover, the users view live videos three times longer than other types of videos.

When you start broadcasting, Facebook notifies your followers. It increases the organic reach of the live videos. Therefore, including live videos in your content marketing can boost your reach as well as engagement with your target audience.

Tough Mudder is a community-based event series that’s known for its tough, military-style obstacles. Have a look on how they drove engagement through Live video.

The company set a new standard in engaging audiences on Facebook. The comments on the video show that it has encouraged many people to join such events in the future.

Engage Group Members:

Until now there was no official way to target members of your group, apart from posting status updates in the group, and they hardly had much traction.

With Facebook live videos, you can broadcast your program to your group. If you choose to broadcast to the group, then all online members will receive a notification. Thus, the reach of your video will automatically increase. If your video is compelling, and group members like or comment on the video, then the reach gets amplified.

Since any member of a group can broadcast a live video to the group, you need to change the settings so that your approval is required before members start airing their videos. It will also help you maintain the community standards and discourage spam.

Check out this video to see how Benefit generated millions of views by engaging communities.

New Product Launches:

Live video is an excellent way to promote new product launches. Many brands have also used the streaming videos to introduce new features of existing goods or services.

Live videos are useful for new product launches for several reasons. Users would like to know first-hand information, and therefore, they are usually curious about the product launches. Companies receive instant feedback through comments. They can answer the general queries immediately. They also gauge the customer sentiments instantly and get useful insights about how they should promote their offerings.

Check out this video and comments from audience members to understand the impact of live videos on new product teasers.

An Insider Look:

To succeed in the long term, the brands must be perceived by their target audience as trustworthy and authentic. Giving an insider look at the company provides enough ingredients to make a brand look credible. Of course, this is not the only factor to help the companies to be perceived as authentic.

However, it helps significantly. In the age of social media, when everyone is posting compelling images and excellent copy, giving an insider look will strike the consumers differently.

You can use Facebook Live video creatively to reveal secrets and little-known things about your company.

Check out this video to find out how Target used Facebook Live to start a conversation about a music video by posting a teaser on behind-the-scene shots.

Blatant promotion can annoy users, and that is why many companies don’t succeed on Facebook. Successful marketers know this, and that is why they use the concept of social selling to achieve marketing goals. Thus, if you are serious about your marketing objectives, start engaging with more prospects and build a conversation around your business. Facebook Live video is a brilliant platform to attain this goal.

The tips discussed in this article can help you to develop your own creative way to use Live videos to boost your business.

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